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What is a Shaman, and Can Anyone Become One?

If you are interested in becoming a shaman, then you might want to learn more about what a Shaman is and whether or not you can become one. Shamanism is a call; Shamans are guided to this path by their own supernatural experiences, but whether you want to be a Shaman is primarily determined by your own individual personality and life experience. While the definition of a Shaman can vary from person to person, here are some common characteristics of Shamans.

What is a Shaman?

Shamanism is a spiritual practice that focuses on the mysteries of the universe. Shamanism stems from nature itself.

Shamanic practices tap into the power Mother Earth has to offer and the ancient indigenous teachings are derived from the simple truths of nature.

It's a multi-disciplinary craft that combines universals with culture-specific particulars. Shamans are able to access the subconscious. They work with the invisible laws of nature, and can send onlookers into altered states. Shamanic practices can be crucial to the evolution of abstract thinking.

Pilgrimage to Sacred Places

Learning to approach and connect with sacred places is an intrinsic part of shamanism. By honoring natural wonders such as rivers, lakes, mountains, and caves, we reawaken and invigorate the energy of the land.