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Break free from Victimhood Mentality

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Woe is me! This was the mantra of my existence. I believed that life had thrown every possible difficulty my way. From facing childhood molestation to depression and anxiety followed by suicide attempts. I thought my life was filled with tragedy, my list could go on forever with my slew of problems but guess what? I am not a victim.

I thought I had every right to sit in a dark room, be angry with God, and call life a bitch, but I choose not to do so because I prefer to focus on my perseverance rather than my suffering. Don't get me wrong; I suffered from a victim mentality myself for many years.

My past was a dark cloud that followed me wherever I went. Sadness can
be extremely alluring, it can draw you in like a deep, dark whirlpool; it swallows you, and the deeper you descend, the more you drown.

It closes y