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Rumana Nadeem

About Me 

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Rumana Nadeem

About Me

As a child, I always felt connected to a higher power and something greater than myself; I was also extremely sensitive to energy and grew up seeing shadows and sensing spirits. I'd also have prophetic dreams that showed me signs and messages. As I grew older and life got more challenging, I lost my connection with God. My childhood was difficult, and I struggled with depression throughout my teenage years. I decided to leave home in India and moved to Dubai for work before finally immigrating to Canada.

I ran as far as I could from my past, but it found me in the form of severe anxiety and panic attacks. When conventional medicine and talk therapy did not help me, I was led to holistic healing, where I discovered Reiki. Reiki was extraordinarily transformative and assisted in my healing from the past. It reconnected me to my Source, and I felt a soul-stirring love around me that I had never experienced before. I made a direct connection with my Creator and realized that God had always been by my side and never abandoned me. I had finally regained my sense of self. This is when I decided to train to become a Reiki Master and share this healing practice with others.

As I began to heal, my intuitive abilities grew stronger; I began to feel and hear my grandmother, who had passed away many years ago, gently guiding and encouraging me. I then gradually, began to receive messages for my friends from their deceased grandparents who wished to communicate. This is when I finally found out that I was an intuitive medium and the shadows I had seen as a child were spirits attempting to communicate with me.


I've also always had a natural desire to help animals and nature, which is what brought me to Shamanism. I decided to go to Peru to train with Andean Shamans, during my trip, I received a clear message from God that my purpose is to help others heal and that I was ready to share all of the healing techniques I had learned. I then decided to leave my decade-long career as a Human Resources Consultant to pursue my passion for helping others.

My goal is to help others experience the same sense of peace that I do, to let others know that they are never truly alone and always have the universe's unwavering support.

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